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Carpet Flooring

Whether you’re choosing berber or broadloom, carpet is easily customizable. There are thousands of carpet styles and colors to choose from.

Carpet is a natural insulator and sound dampener. The combination of carpet and padding makes for an excellent sound absorber. Carpet is ideal for cushioning your footsteps while reducing slips and falls. It also helps to minimizing injuries when falls do occur. While it provides safety protection for everyone, it’s particularly helpful for young children or the elderly.

Carpet also provides thermal insulation. In cold climates or seasons, carpet retains warm air longer, providing an energy conservation benefit.

Whether you need to pick out carpet flooring for a brand new home or are updating the look of a room, the design and installation specialists at Columbus Flooring Company have you covered. Our carpet flooring contractors are experts in the latest flooring materials and designs to get you the look you want at reasonable prices.

To get your free estimate for carpet flooring installation in Columbus and the surrounding areas call us today. We have thousands of carpet flooring samples in any variety including carpet, tile, vinyl, hardwood, and more!

We work with the top carpet manufacturers in the country so we can always offer the best quality carpet flooring products at competitive prices. We offer a wide variety of carpet textures, colors and styles to complement any home build or remodeling project.

Our Columbus Flooring Company can help you find the floor of your dreams! Best of all, we offer professional carpet installation services so you work with us from start to finish!